Sunday, February 8, 2009

Been Awhile!

It's been a long long while since I've updated this blog - I think the last post was about me bitching about Palin - fuck that's been awhile!

All in all 2008 was one helluva roller coaster ride! In short, from new years 2007-2008 I proposed to Naomi in a smokey nite club in Tokyo (she said yes). My grandmother went in and out of the hospital around March and May - thats where Naomi and I found out that she learned English in Burma during the British occupation (wow). Dad got diagnosed with prostate cancer. Grandma finally passed away in June 08 ... or was it July?

Oh yeah I did these plaques for Japantown, funded by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce - they liked it at the beginning ... until they found out that I used personal references to make up the details of the plaques. So, if you're in Japantown and see 3 round plaques in the Peace Plaza, there's a calculator that once had the numbers 10.11.2008 which stood for our wedding date at that plaza - but now, it's been changed to something else ... among other things. Personally I think its a waste of money to completely replace that plaque because of those numbers ... but hey, who am I to judge - it's their money and they ought to know better than I how to priortize their spending!

Moving on ...

Finally got married at the Peace Plaza on October 11, 2008 - Here's a link to some of the photos from that day. Wedding Photos

Photos by Loic Nicolas

A few days after the wedding was my 30th birthday, but I because of the wedding and all that (oh yeah I forgot to metion that I had one HELLUVA bachelor's party - thanks people) I wasn't feeling up to partying much. But Naomi and I took the dogs a short excursion out to Carmel for a couple of days. Not as relaxing as I wanted but it was still very cool.

at sunset on a beach in Carmel

day trip to Monterey

Naomi at sunset - pretty huh?

Then we settled down for a bit - til about mid November where we started on our honeymoon vacation - fly in Paris > fly out Rome in three weeks ... AWESOME. Pics here and here.

Came back to San Francisco in early December ... rested for a bit - got re-acquainted with the dogs and then drove down to L.A. for a cruise with Naom's parents to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. In a span of two months, we went from the French Riviera, to the Italian Riviera, and finally to the Mexican Riviera - whewww ... that was fun.

just got done snorkeling in Cabo - Mama stayed on the boat that day

Finally, we got back home a couple of days before the new year - which we spent quietly at home.

2008 was a roller coaster for sure, but in the end, it wouldn't be a life worth living if it weren't for the ups and downs!