Thursday, February 12, 2009

L William's R1

Scanning through the web a few days ago, I came across a picture of a friend on his race bike. The photo of Lance can be found here.

I liked the flow of his dreads and the helmet and the Yamaha R1 - so I decided to do a cartoon of it. I wanted to exaggerate the actions of the rider and bike. But after sketching everything out, I realized that the graphics on the bike he was on was a bit boring - so I looked around for something a bit catchier. I looked up some shots of ex-Yamaha rider Noriyuki Haga's old R1. Thought this would've been a bit more cooler.

So here's the final piece:
I had fun with this, I think I'll try to do a few more. Maybe some of Mick Doohan, J Dunlop, and whoever else ...

Here's the few steps, from sketch to final to get to the finished drawing:

Step 1) Sketch
Step 2) Cleaned up line work
Step 3) Color flats
Step 4) Adding on logos and coloring in helmet
Step 5) Adding on shadows
Step 6) Adding on highlights