Monday, September 15, 2008

Political Blah Blah Blah

Aside from thinking/getting ready for the upcoming wedding ... 26 days to go ... I've been reading a decent amount of news on the whole Palin/McCain campaign.

What the fuck are people thinking? Why the fuck is Palin shit attracting so much fucking attention? When she talks, she seems a bit smarter than GW ... but only a bit. Then again, my ass sounds smarter than Bush so that's not saying much. In the end, did people forget that we're primarily voting for the presidency? What a fucking muppet.

Anyways - since this McCain/Palin thing started, I've been also reading up on some political cartoons. I've always, liked them, but never really appreciated it - until now. It looks so simple but yet it can pack a punch! Comics uses words and pictures to tell a story, long, short whatever ... political cartoons uses the same tools, but it's intentions is to grab one's attention, deliver a message, and if possible be funny all at the same time and within seconds of reading it. Very fucking cool - and can be very powerful as well. So with all those fucking networks covering bullshit stories that cater to fucking imbeciles - I thought I'd at least like to air out my frustrations through some political cartoons of my own - here's one I did this week.