Saturday, August 16, 2008

Napa Valley Museum

This past Friday, the 15th of August, my fiance and I attended an opening reception at the Napa Valley Museum. From now until mid-September there's a special exhibit on the art of manga.

About late June or early July, I submitted a print to the Nichi Bei Times manga cover art contest. The winner of the contest had their print grace the cover of the Nichi Bei's manga issue. Unfortunately I did not get 1st place, but, I did get second. Anyhow, all the finalists were invited to submit up to 4 pieces to show at the Napa Valley Museum's exhibit on manga art.

Honestly, I can't say that my stuff is really manga-like, but then again not all manga art has to have big eyes and all that does it?

Each print submitted by the artist was to be auctioned off and about half the proceeds would go to the museum. It's still a bit strange, but very cool to see my work on walls. Anyhow here's the four pieces I submitted: