Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random Blah Blah Blah

Sunday morning, Naomi went Chinese dress shopping for our upcoming wedding, just finished taking out the trash and finally started getting to work. USA vs China basketball's on, but I'm paying about half attention. China's not doing to well ... 68 - 48 in the 3rd. I many ways, I'd actually like to see China win. I could care less about the NBA and all those overpaid bitches - so I'd actually like to see them lose ... it probably won't happen, but then again, I like to cheer for the underdogs!

Yesterday's SF Giants game vs the Dodgers was absolutely one of the best home games this year - surprise appearance by Barry Bonds (strategic appearance), good exciting ball game with the Giants on top, 3-2. The Giants are far from going into the post season, but, when all else fails, beat L.A.!

Just finished a logo job for Dirty Dave's coffee roasting machine. Dave's an absolute madman and his coffee roaster has produced some of the best coffee I've hever had PERIOD. I'm not too picky about food, usually whatever fills me up is fine, but seriously, Dave's roaster makes some bombass roasts.

When Dave asked me to work on this logo, he specified that he wanted the logo to have a Rockwell Kent look to it. Rockwell was a woodcut artist around the turn of the century. This was the first "woodcut" looking work I've ever done, and it was actually pretty fun. Maybe I'll look into putting this to other applications!

Ok - back to work - beat L.A.!