Sunday, July 18, 2010

Andres Torres #56

So, aside from motorcycle racing, art/illustration, and wing chun, my other interest is in baseball.  More specifically, the San Francisco Giants.  While I wish I can choke the fuck outta a baby seal with frustration with the way this team plays, this will always be my home team. 

As of late, newcomer Buster Posey has been a godsend to the team.  It remains to be seen how well he'll do once the scouts catch up to him.  But I'm definitely digging what he's doing now.  There's a bunch of different unique and well known characters on this team like Lincecum and Sandoval.  Andres Torres' name is, however, probably not as well known unless you follow the team.  It's too bad cuz this team definitely wouldn't be where they are without him.  He's not necessarily a power hitter, but with his speed and just balls out effort, he's just plain fun to watch.  In general, I think he is most known for his speed.  With that in mind, I wanted to do something along the lines of the Lincecum and Ichiro pieces I did earlier (below).  

Since the Giants uniform doesn't sport the player's numbers in front, I wanted to do something where it would be easier to recognize Torres.  I think watching him run, it's easy to notice that what he does with his hands is pretty unique.  While he runs with a more upright posture, I wanted to exaggerate it a bit to emphasize a bit of aggression ... I think it looks cooler like this too.  I also wanted to play with a bit of symbolism and added the wings to his shoes and lighting bolts coming off his hands.  The wings on his shoes is a nod to Hermes of Greek mythology and the bolts of lightening is a nod to the DC Comics' Flash.  Below is a breakdown of my tribute to Torres.  Thanks for checking in!

lineart with some orange tints on the wings and bolts

flat colors and logos added - I think at this point, it would be good for shirt design just cuz of the flat/simple colors

shadows added - form starting to take shape
highlights added - at this stage I think the figure starts to look more dimensional 

with the darker background added, it makes the figure with the highlights 'pop' that much more

and finally, to package it all nice and neat, I added the orange and black borders

next Giants related piece will most likely be Buster Posey ... I think ... or maybe Brian Wilson