Sunday, May 30, 2010


Been about a month - nothing really special since.  Although I did get a chance to make it out to NYC and DC with the wife.  Definitely like New York a lot.  Seems like less hipsters and douchebags in NY than here in SF.  DC was ok, very official and all that.  But I really dig how a lot of those major museums are free - I think all museums should be free.

Went to my final spring show for the Academy of Art - to my surprise I got top honors (or something like that) in the graphic novel category! Fuckin blew my mind!!  There were a couple of other entries that I thought was better, but hey, I'm not arguing!  WoooHOOOO  Since I didn't walk for graduation, I think this was a good way to finish off my time at the Academy. 

Can't do much this Memorial Day weekend, been struck with a minor case of the flu - but wife and I did manage to go to the Giants game on Friday to watch the 2010 debut of Buster Posey.  After two games, he went 6 for 9 with 4 RBIs WTF!  In the flavor of the Obama campaign posters from Shepard Fairey and from hearing about how a teammate jokingly refers to him as 'Jesus', I had to do this image: