Friday, April 16, 2010

WonderCon 2010

So my priority  for this year's Wondercon, as in the years past, was to hopefully make new contacts and find some kinda freelance work.  While I did make some contacts with IDW and Dark Horse Comics, I think the highlights of that weekend were some of the random conversations I had with established/old school artists.  

On Thursday I attend a comic panel put on by the Academy of Art University.  I was originally planning on attending the portfolio review with Marvel's CB Cebulski.  But unfortunately the time was moved up about 6 hours and I didn't get wind of it.  I was close to leaving but decided on staying for the panel.  Good thing too because I ended up chatting with William Stout for a good half hour while waiting for the panel to start!  Real cool and down to earth kinda guy.  I don't remember how we got on the subject, but we were talking about Moebius (Jean Giraud) and I come to find that he knows Moebius on a personal level.  I asked William if Jean Giraud was still working and he said that Moebius was still doing comics, but he's been in a kinda of self doubt funk lately.  I was blown away ~ Moebius, self doubt??!!  It's almost like hearing Michelangelo doubting his David sculpture ... well, maybe not to that extent, but you know what I mean.  Either way, it was kinda refreshing to know that Moebius is human after all!

On Saturday morning I waited in line for a portfolio review from IDW's Bob Schreck.  The review went well, but unfortunately they weren't looking for anyone at the moment.  At least I walked away with his email and a positive review/feedback!

Sunday was a good day.  Since I met and spoke with whomever I could on Friday and Saturday, Sunday was my day to poke around and see what's cool and new.  I also went with intentions on getting some stuff signed by Dave JohnsonGeof Darrow, and Joe Kubert.  Got all signatures fairly quickly since it was Easter Sunday and it was pretty dead in the morning.  I ended up talking to Geoff Darrow for some time about baseball to politics.  Real real cool guy.  

Later on in the day, I went back to Joe Kubert's booth and asked him for some feedback on my portfolio.  I didn't expect him to say 'yes' but figured I'd ask anyways.  And damn, I'm very glad I did.  Overall, I think he liked my stuff, but also said that there was a lot of improvement needed as well, especially in the story telling department.  I believe that his feedback was one of the best critiques I've ever received.  Seriously, that was the highlight of Wondercon 2010 for me!

as usual there was a huge line for Jim Lee at the DC booth

Wondercon 2010

shot of 501st Legion doing their group photos

who doesn't love a convention with stormtroopers!??!

Joe Kubert looking through my stuff ~ highlight of the whole weekend!

sketch of the con floor on Saturday late afternoon - took awhile, but it felt good to be off my feet!