Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First post ...

Welcome to my blog of random drawings, photos, and ramblings - please feel free to drop any comments, insults, or whatever pleases you -

Anyways - today, Tuesday, I had a fairly busy morning - met with Dirty Dave to discuss an upcoming project that seems very very interesting. I never knew much about how coffee is roasted, and I still don't know much, but Dave showed me one of his latest creations and as I sit and write this, I am drinking some of the best goddamn coffee I've ever had. Check out some of his past work:http://dirtydavecustoms.com

After meeting with Dave - I had a few wedding errands to run throughout the city. There's something truly fun about bombing through downtown and hearing the exhaust bounce off those shi shi buildings.

My final stop in the city was at the Japanese Cultural Center in Jtown. Had to grab some work related paperwork for their annual event booklet I'm putting together for them.

I picked up the latest issue of Giant Robot, the one with the James Jean cover and article - some interesting shit. Check it out - http://www.giantrobot.com/