Monday, January 18, 2010

Urban Sketches 1

Now that I've completed school (Dec 09), I finally have some time to scan in and post up some images from my sketch book. Usually, when I'm traveling, I'll most likely have a camera with me (for reference photos), but if time permits, I like to sit and sketch on the spot. I think there's a certain attitude/vibe that can come across a sketch that a photograph cannot capture ~

Some of these sketches are old. I'll eventually upload to the most recent doodles.

12.28.07 - over the course of a couple of days from the view of our hotel room in tokyo ... i think we were in the aoyama area ... naomi and i were there for a friend's wedding, and whenever we got back to the hotel to rest up, i just added bits and pieces to it ... i think it also helped ease some nerves as this was also during the time i asked naomi's father for permission - as well as propose to her new years eve!

3.11.08 - new york > east 47th and lexington

5.30.08 - chicago > wabash and randolf
11.30.08 and 12.1.08 - both sketches done in siena, italy > agriturisimo marciano

12.24.08 - mazatlan, mexico > sketched from cruise ship

12.28.08 - rough seas off the coast of baja mexico, i think > not sure if this was a real good idea in the end since i ended up getting sea sick sketching this 

8.22.09 - oahu > diamond head and waikiki beach