Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heads and stuff ...

12.19.09 - san francisco > ino sushi in japantown, wife and i went out out to celebrate my completion of grad school ... this place is by far one of the best sushi places we've ever eaten at, in the states at least.  Anyhow the sushi chef (sketch) is pretty old school and a lively character, hopefully we'll be going back soon 

1.3.10 - honolulu > starbucks on kalakaua and kapahulu ... people watching and getting some a/c

1.3.10 - honolulu > tokkuri-tei izakaya とっくり 亭 one of the chefs on the left and a tonkatsu ginza bairin chef on the left.  the izakaya was ok, i think i liked the atmosphere more than the food.  the tonkatsu place was pricey but very good ... basically fatty pork, how can u go wrong there!?

1.6.10 - honolulu > ono hawaiian foods, i think this is one of our (wife and i) favorite spots, low key, unpretentious, and just plain good ... i think the guy (sketch) was the owner with his wife ... the sketch of the girl has nothing to do with anything ... just a brain fart 

1.6.10 - honolulu > starbucks and hilton kuhio, the guy on the right side in dark ink was trying fairly hard to get the starbucks barista to give him her number ... kinda sad but entertaining